Car Accident Injuries – Whiplash Symptoms

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When the other guys  insurance company requests information (such as medical records, answers to injury related questions, etc…). just say four special words … “speak to my lawyer”.  Our personal injury law firm protects your rights!

Neck Pain 92%
Headache 57%
Fatigue 56%
Shoulder Pain 49%
Anxiety 44%
Interscapular Pain 42%
Low Back Pain 39%
Sleep Disturbance 39%
Upper Limb Paresthesia 30%
Sensitivity to Noise 29%
Impaired Concentration 26%
Blurred Vision 21%
Irritability 21%
Dysphagia (Difficulty Swallowing) 16%
Dizziness 15%
Forgetfulness 15%
Upper Limb Pain 12%
Upper Limb Weakness 6%
Tinnitus (Ringing in Ears) 4%
Jaw / Fascial Pain (TMJ) 4%+

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RIP Paul Walker

Posted by 24hourattorney on December 09, 2013
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A Tribute to Paul Walker

Paul Walker Dies car crash – Brian Fast & Furious Dead at 40 [TRIBUTE] R.I.P Paul Walker Dies car crash . Gone but never forgotten!

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Cabbie Killed in NYC Car Accident

Posted by 24hourattorney on January 21, 2013
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Police have reported that a cab driver was killed in NYC Sunday early morning, after another vehicle slammed into his cab while he stood outside it.

The 35 year old victim, had double-parked his cab on E. 26th St. near Third Ave. when a motorist in a 2000 Nissan Pathfinder hit the taxi cab from behind.

The Cabbie from, of Elmhurst, Queens, was hit by his car, flying into the air, and then falling behind a parked van near the curb. He died at the scene.

The impact pushed both vehicles into three other parked cars, including a Honda Accord whose driver, 43, was sitting inside. The driver was taken to New York-Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell with minor injuries.

According to NYC car accident lawyer Paul Ajlouny,  “NY City streets can be very dangerous. Driver safety requires awareness at all times, otherwise accident like this are inevitable”.  As seen in this taxi accident.

The driver of the Pathfinder was speeding across E. 26th St. and they could hear the engine racing. reports indicate that the driver told police that his accelerator got stuck.

Witnesses report that excessive speed may have been a factor in this fatal car accident.

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Queens SUV rollover accident kills 5

Posted by 24hourattorney on July 22, 2012
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Five passengers in the vehicle were killed as they spilled out of the Mercedes-Benz SUV, including an 8-year-old girl and a 9-year-old boy. Driver ran two red lights, slammed into a pillar, and rolled over.

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Tears flow at funeral Mass for 7 crash victims

Posted by 24hourattorney on May 16, 2012
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Mourners in the hundreds showed up to to pay their respects to the victims of the deadly crash on the Bronx River Parkway.

Tears flow at funeral Mass for 7 crash victims.

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New York Cab Ride Without Seat-belt Turns Dangerous

After 50 stitches, headaches and hours with a plastic surgeon, a young female passenger of a New York Taxi is by now probably convinced that riding in a taxi without a seat belt is NOT a good idea. People in general who get into a yellow cab don’t bother to fasten their seat belt.

For one New York cab ride  passenger  a false sense of  security causes her to almost lose her life.  She sat back, did not “buckle-up”, and enjoyed the ride. Or did she?

Months back, that relaxed New York mind-set nearly cost this young passanger her life at the intersection of NYC’s 59th St. and Park Ave. The taxi driver according to the passenger had ran a red light. He ended-up crashing into another cab making a left turn.

The young female passanger was thrust forward on impact and smashed into the taxi’s hard plastic partition. This resulted in a a broken nose, deep lacerations to her face and a cut eyelid. Her face appeared completely busted. Witnesses at the scene indicates that the victim in this accident look as if her face had been crushed.

She was rushed to New York-Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center, where doctors had to stitch up her face. The other passenger riding along, was also not wearing a seat-belt, did not do come out of this accident without a scratch either. He had to spend 3 nights in intensive care with bleeding to his brain and and a banged up face from hitting the partition.

NYC Cabbbies

"Buckle-up when getting into a NYC Cab"

The doctor who repaired the victims facial damage, said that it is unfortunately common among the taxi riding public who don’t wear seat belts and don’t realize the danger of the partition. Although improving, a permanent scar will be a daily reminder of that catastrophic cab ride.

When reading this story hearing the term “buckle up” when riding a taxi cab or any vehicle, doesnt sound like such a bad idea.

Taxis in New York City transport 240 million people a year, making up 25% of all the transport in the city. Injuries in taxi crashes, including those involving yellow cabs, legal livery cars and illegal gypsy cabs, with such high numbers are inevitable. New YorkCity Street are congested and dangerous for the driver and his or her passanger!

New York Personal Injury Attorneys, Ajlouny Injury Law recommends that if you have been a victim of a taxi cab accident, bicycle accident, car accident or a pedestrian hit be a vehicle, you should take a few appropriate steps, while at the accident scene:

  • Gather information that will be useful for fling a personal injury claim: license number, and T&LC driver number of the taxi driver
  • Record the license plate and medallion number of the taxi (often times, this may be on the police report)
  • Get the contact information of any witness of the accident.
  • Find out the name of the cab company from which the driver rents his or her cab
  • Any pictures of the accident scene will be very useful

Contact a NYC car accident lawyers for free advice 24 hours a day or night. These injury attorneys will come to you. Whether its your hospital bed, home or a metting place of your choice.

Ajlouny Injury Law
24 Hour Injury Hotline: 800-535-5029
26 Court Street

Brooklyn, NY

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9 NYC Cyclist Deaths

Posted by 24hourattorney on February 15, 2012
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The New York City Council will hold a hearing Wednesday on the NYPD’s treatment of accident investigations, with a focus on bicyclists and pedestrians killed by motorists.

In 2011, 21 cyclists were killed in traffic accidents in New York City — nine more than in 2009. Just Monday morning, a Staten Island cyclist was killed by a driverwho fled the scene of the accident. And over the past year, bicycle advocates and the families of killed cyclists have repeatedly accused the police of failing to properly handle these investigations, obstructing the release of information about the accidents and failing to prosecute reckless drivers.

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In New York City, approximately 25 fatal bicycle accidents occur each year. An injured bicyclist will need to find an experienced bicycle injury attorney like Paul Ajlouny & Associates to handle personal injury accident litigation in New York. Based on NYC Department of Transportation data, Transportation Alternatives estimates that there are approximately 105,000 bicyclists on city streets every day.

Approximately 6000 are thought to be bicycle messengers and 10,000 food delivery bicyclists.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a bicycle accident, traffic collision involving another vehicle, call Paul Ajlouny & Associates in New York for a free consultation (800) 535-5029 or email our attorneys at:

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Smoking pot risk of car crash

Posted by 24hourattorney on February 11, 2012
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Smoking pot within three hours of driving doubles your chance of a major crash, Canadian researchers have found.

Their study, published Thursday in the British Medical Journal, the first to tackle the link between crashes and cannabis use, examined data from more than 49,411 vehicular crash victims and excluded any incidents involving alcohol.

“The level of impairment might not be as severe as alcohol intoxication, but it’s there and it does require a public health response,” expert Wayne Hall told ABC Science.

The researchers said more information is needed to determine the level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)- the active compound in marijuana – that causes impairment in driving competence.

But there is a positive link between THC levels and crash risk, the data show.

Despite the clear danger of driving high, law enforcement agencies have very few tools to address the problem, the expert said, despite the fact that that marijuana is the second-most sited substance in motor vehicle incidents.

Although it is easy to measure blood alcohol levels using a breath test, it is much harder to determine concentrations of THC in the saliva and gauge driver impairment on the spot, Hall added.

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Newsman Richard Threlkeld Dies in Car Accident – ABC News

Richard Threlkeld, a far-ranging and award-winning correspondent who worked for both CBS and ABC News during a long career, has been killed in a car crash on New York’s Long Island.

The 74-year-old Threlkeld died Friday morning in Amagansett, N.Y., when his car collided with a propane tanker.

He was pronounced dead at Southampton Hospital, according to the East Hampton, N.Y., Police Department. He lived in nearby East Hampton.

Newsman Richard Threlkeld Dies in Car Accident – ABC News.

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Do You Need to Speak to a New York Personal Injury Lawyer Right Now? Find out if you have a case!

We represent ALL of our clients on a contingency fee basis – there is no fee unless there is a recovery. Contact us for FREE ADVICE about how much your accident case is worth and how we can HELP. (800) 535-5029.

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