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9 NYC Cyclist Deaths

Posted by 24hourattorney on February 15, 2012
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The New York City Council will hold a hearing Wednesday on the NYPD’s treatment of accident investigations, with a focus on bicyclists and pedestrians killed by motorists.

In 2011, 21 cyclists were killed in traffic accidents in New York City — nine more than in 2009. Just Monday morning, a Staten Island cyclist was killed by a driverwho fled the scene of the accident. And over the past year, bicycle advocates and the families of killed cyclists have repeatedly accused the police of failing to properly handle these investigations, obstructing the release of information about the accidents and failing to prosecute reckless drivers.

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In New York City, approximately 25 fatal bicycle accidents occur each year. An injured bicyclist will need to find an experienced bicycle injury attorney like Paul Ajlouny & Associates to handle personal injury accident litigation in New York. Based on NYC Department of Transportation data, Transportation Alternatives estimates that there are approximately 105,000 bicyclists on city streets every day.

Approximately 6000 are thought to be bicycle messengers and 10,000 food delivery bicyclists.

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