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New York Cab Ride Without Seat-belt Turns Dangerous

After 50 stitches, headaches and hours with a plastic surgeon, a young female passenger of a New York Taxi is by now probably convinced that riding in a taxi without a seat belt is NOT a good idea. People in general who get into a yellow cab don’t bother to fasten their seat belt.

For one New York cab ride  passenger  a false sense of  security causes her to almost lose her life.  She sat back, did not “buckle-up”, and enjoyed the ride. Or did she?

Months back, that relaxed New York mind-set nearly cost this young passanger her life at the intersection of NYC’s 59th St. and Park Ave. The taxi driver according to the passenger had ran a red light. He ended-up crashing into another cab making a left turn.

The young female passanger was thrust forward on impact and smashed into the taxi’s hard plastic partition. This resulted in a a broken nose, deep lacerations to her face and a cut eyelid. Her face appeared completely busted. Witnesses at the scene indicates that the victim in this accident look as if her face had been crushed.

She was rushed to New York-Presbyterian Weill Cornell Medical Center, where doctors had to stitch up her face. The other passenger riding along, was also not wearing a seat-belt, did not do come out of this accident without a scratch either. He had to spend 3 nights in intensive care with bleeding to his brain and and a banged up face from hitting the partition.

NYC Cabbbies

"Buckle-up when getting into a NYC Cab"

The doctor who repaired the victims facial damage, said that it is unfortunately common among the taxi riding public who don’t wear seat belts and don’t realize the danger of the partition. Although improving, a permanent scar will be a daily reminder of that catastrophic cab ride.

When reading this story hearing the term “buckle up” when riding a taxi cab or any vehicle, doesnt sound like such a bad idea.

Taxis in New York City transport 240 million people a year, making up 25% of all the transport in the city. Injuries in taxi crashes, including those involving yellow cabs, legal livery cars and illegal gypsy cabs, with such high numbers are inevitable. New YorkCity Street are congested and dangerous for the driver and his or her passanger!

New York Personal Injury Attorneys, Ajlouny Injury Law recommends that if you have been a victim of a taxi cab accident, bicycle accident, car accident or a pedestrian hit be a vehicle, you should take a few appropriate steps, while at the accident scene:

  • Gather information that will be useful for fling a personal injury claim: license number, and T&LC driver number of the taxi driver
  • Record the license plate and medallion number of the taxi (often times, this may be on the police report)
  • Get the contact information of any witness of the accident.
  • Find out the name of the cab company from which the driver rents his or her cab
  • Any pictures of the accident scene will be very useful

Contact a NYC car accident lawyers for free advice 24 hours a day or night. These injury attorneys will come to you. Whether its your hospital bed, home or a metting place of your choice.

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